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Date: March/April (wednesdays)  

Time 6:00pm- 8:00pm


Want to learn how to breathe new life into scrap bits of wood?

All resources are provided to complete one main project and one smaller project if time allows.

You will learn the basics of the art of Shu Sugi Ban and how to turn scraps of wood into a beautiful piece of art.

Please Note :   Shu Sugi Ban is a very messy process and you will be covered in soot by the end of your class (so please wear old clothes), however worth it when you see the end product.

Please note that this is the beginner class and you will be completing the first image pictured.  The other images are of its capabilities which will be covered in the intermediate class ( barn quilt pattern) -  to enrol in the intermediate class you must have finished our beginner class first.



#woodworking #shu sugiban #scrapwood

Wood art and Shou Sugi Ban- beginners

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Pre Book for - March/April 2023
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